Monthly Archives: November 2011

Marketing Mishap?


Even the best of us make mistakes when trying to market to the masses. Careful planning and research are very necessary to keep from sending the wrong message to your consumers.

T-mobile is no exception to the rules with their take on a Christmas song favorite, “Walking In A Winter Wonderland”. Their new holiday commercial expresses everything you’d expect to sell products during the holiday season. Yet the message has a funny ring to it. While listening to the festive hook, “Walking In A Winter 4G Land”, you may notice it sounds a lot like “Walking In A Winter Orgy Land. Now before you think I have my mind in the gutter, I’m sure many of you who have seen the commercial have had similar thoughts. But the census goes even further with postings on various sites across the internet by consumers who are expressing the very samething. But please, review the commercial for yourself.

Marketing Mishap? Definitely. Spending any amount of money to promote a product, business or yourself on any level, should be done with care. So what is point of this post? Not testing your ideas for quality control is a mistake many businesses seem to make. So you have an idea. Great. Review it with your family. Review it with your friends. Review it with strangers. Review it as many times as necessary until your satisfied that the message you’re trying to send is the one that is being received. If not, you’ll end up with orgy instead of 4G. Your choice.